Thick as Thieves

Giblet's Log
Augh's Log

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Buckham Elderwine's Log

March XXXI-1. My travels continue. Set upon by snakes in a festering bog after yet another of the moronous members of this ill-fated guild set off a rather obvious trap, we were “saved” by the appearance of a roaming dwarf of the wilds, whose addled self blessedly vacated us soon thereafter. A silver gilt on an otherwise sorely clouded day. My wineskin reeks worse than my stinking traveling garb, and I’m still sure I missed my fair share of the coins from that slitherous trap.

March XXXI-2. [torn out]

March XXXI-3. Nowhere have I met a more tight-fisted and sinical people than those of Myrithyra! Despite my best efforts to bolster their dreams and buttress their fears, those few who opened their ears were even less prone to open their purses! I failed to even develop a meaningfull picture of the politicks here, as those I ministered to had an infurious tendency to just stare at me like poleaxd sheep, waiting for some miracle revelation, than to first engage me in fruitful banter I could use to make more convincing oraculary predictions. At least I was able to afford a fine new suit and replacements for my befowld traveling victuals. Feeling almost myself again, in spite of the uncertain pickings.

March XXXI-4. What accursed god have I maligned to be ever-blited with blasted filthy water? Before I met this “Boss” character, I managed to make a good suit last for months. Now, I wear the damned thing for just a few hours before getting it drenched — and myself near drowned — in ash-filled waters in some ostentiously overlarge orrery. It seems these oh-so-clever urbanites’ pet elementalkin broke loose of their enchantment and started behaving according to their elementary natures. Damn fools; any sorceror of repute could tell them that the elements behave themselves but reluctantly and are best used at once, not kept around like pickles. In any case, I assisted the guild remnants in putting down some of the loose servitors — I still cannot afford to alynate them before I find a less suspicious locale to set up shop.

April ____. I suppose a bit more than a year passed since I bothered keeping a journal. I think little has happened in the enterim that I might later wish to recall, but I might surprise myself. Anyhow, shortly after the last entry, I found myself fast-talking my way into a merchant caravan in order to access the city of the dusky elves. Wretched place, incidentally. In Myrithyra, the locals spoke too little; here, they all speak too much, and are as like to be grifters themselves as to be reputable customers. That’s when they aren’t some blasted family-bound muscle looking to extract protection money from anyone ambitious enough to offer services in their inbred clan’s blessed little armpit of the city. I learned not to grow too attached to the trappings of any particular stall or apartment, and to keep my money in easily-pawned jewelry and gemstones easy to secret on my person.

In any case, I recall being separated from the caravan in short order, leaving behind only brass rings and lackered wooden rubbish, and, done with that tomfoolery, I blended in like a fox in the woods. I enquired about some as to the outcome of the “mission,” but couldn’t really discover much without arousing the suspicions of these outrageously paranoid elves. Too bad. At least there has always been room to hide among their vagrant elements; nobody really thinks twice about someone pretending to be yet more riffraff. The shame is tolerable, for the short spells it takes me to flit to a new corner of the city. Nevertheless, I must find a new way to survive here; most of my earnings have vanished into greedy elven pockets soon after they appeared, leaving me with little I did not arrive with, and re-establishing myself has grown more expensive with each move. The cosmetick goods I have used to disguise myself don’t come cheap, and maintaining this more elder appearance, while good for both avoiding old collectors and for the fortune-telling trade, galls me greatly. I worry that this stoop and fained limp will become permanent.

It hurts to say it (almost as much as my spine aches), but if this latest setup in the foreign quarter doesn’t pan out soon, I will have to give up my entrepenership and take on another servile job. Even one from someone like that prig with the wrecked airship. Such a shame; all I need are a couple stupid, well-to-do merchants or even tradesmen to have a bit of luck that matches my hunches, and I’ll earn enough over the following weeks to upgrade my station, or maybe just enough to get out of this accursed, shadowy city. On the upside, I just spotted a big knot-headed boor ambling my way who doesn’t look to be carrying anything large and sharp. Maybe my luck can change; time to go fishing.

Tweech's Log
Adoy's Log

I am dying. I see a light and I don’t want any part of that fucker. Stay away from me you damn light. I still haven’t stolen anyone pants.
As positives go, I did off two elemental, fire then earth before the air elemental pitch me off the planetarium exhibit, and I lay prone.
h3. Encounter High Points
Arguing with a Tiefling and Halfing, and everyone else in the party about how much money was actually in a “found” coin purse. It was mine damn it. (Traps be damned)
Stealing from an old lady running in fear. (still have my ball of lent)
Stealing from dead city guards (They are dead, what do they need it for)
Being dragged through an elemental water feature by a elemental jellyfish. (Poor Steve, he died so young)

Jezebel's Log

3 April 2011
My role in this evening’s heist was simple: Open the gates from within the sewers for Team 1 so they could infiltrate the castle to grab the princess.
Of course this meant crawling down into the stinking pits beneath the castle, full of swinging scythes & rusty spear traps…Honestly, who puts swinging scythes in a SEWER?

A map was provided, so navigating wasn’t a problem. There was no lighting, but I barely noticed…Once I’d found the switch that operated the swinging scythes I didn’t even bother using the key I was given as the lock was so damn simple!

However that was when the rats noticed my presence, which at first I was a little annoyed at having to fight on my hands & knees, but I soon realized that while I had a map detailing where all the spear traps were, THEY certainly didn’t. Needless to say I didn’t even have to get my hands dirty…well, figuratively speaking.

Once all the rats had been speared & I’d turned the gears to open the gates above, I crawled back to the airship and took a MUCH NEEDED bath, after which one couldn’t even tell I’d been crawling around in the sewers. Well, except for the rat bites.

Mission successful! And anyways, sometimes you just have to get dirty ;)

Apparently I was the only one to do my job without making a mess! I, after a beautifully pleasant bath, was relaxing in the airship when suddenly, it was being ATTACKED.

I’d hoped that my comrades would prove themselves to not be complete screw-ups, however I find myself severely disappointed. Well, not towards all of them, mainly those damn twins…I asked Caoimhe, probably one of the more competent ones, about what had happened & apparently the play was going fantastically well, but then the princess FELL FROM THE RAFTERS. Obviously everyone freaked out about that, so they had no choice but to fight the guards as the king & queen were yelling for their heads.

The twins should have done a better job of keeping hold of the situation with the princess…At least they helped defend the ship during the onslaught.
And now here we are, crashed in a damn jungle or something, and who knows what kinds of…things lurk in the darkness.

23 April 2011
Tiffany, Havarkhad, & I were charged with taking care of the hull & the princess. Tiffany’s pom-pom repairman, Jimothy, was stuck under a fallen rafter, so the princess was tending to him as we fought off giant ant/plant-like creatures. I was completely prepared for them & slaughtered one with my mind (due to an extremely ferocious use of my darkfire power, which shouldn’t have been possible) and then turned on another which died as soon as my blade touched it. I think my comrades were kind of scared.

Havarkhad also used me as a vessel of fury, and I felt such rage as I never had, slicing a bug through like butter. It was so damn exhilarating!

Then of course the princess got carried off by some bugs, so Tiffany & I promptly destroyed them. However a second set of bugs came & picked the princess up, and Tiffany used her illusionistic/distraction powers on the bugs, and hypnotized them with her breasts. However I was closer to the bugs so I’m pretty sure it was MY breasts that hypnotized them, and later we found out that yes, indeed, I have the better rack.

Anyways once the princess was once again free of the bugs, I swiftly ran to her, and just threw myself on top of her, because there was NO FREAKING WAY she was going to be carried off, AGAIN. I dragged her back to the ship to find that Tiffany had really hypnotized one of the bugs, whom she named George. He is apparently an ally now, which is great because apparently, the princess has become infected with some mind-control spores, and the antidote lies in the Queen bug. So he is leading us to the hive, and we are so lost in this forest now, but at least we’re at the hive! We had to cut a tree down to use it as a raft to get across a really swampy part, and of freaking course the water attacked us and Tiffany almost DIED. But George was being a good sport the whole way, kept paddling the whole time so we eventually got to the other side.

Can’t say I’m too terribly excited about seeing what the inside of this hive is like…

30 April 2011
Not in a good mood today. Once we reached the hive, Havarkhad used his powers to distract the plant ants, running off. This, however, left Tiffany & I to take on the queen ourselves, which at first we did quite handily, but it got a little hairy near the end. We ended up successful & grabbed the queen’s venom or whatever it was, and since they were a few eggs left undestroyed after the battle we took one. Yeah, that’s right. Quick run away, we’ve got one of those bitches. Besides George, of course.
After that we got the hell out of there. Tiffany & Jimothy created the antidote for the princess & administered it to her, but we don’t know if it’s going to work yet. We met up with the rest of the party in some kind of fortress deep in the forest. There’s a dead guy, and Tiffany claims it’s “Nostradamus the Shut-In”. Something about a powerful magic item, but I could care less. Let’s just hope these ruins hold up against the onslaught that’s sure to come. And that nobody gives me any shit.

15 May 2011
We explored that fortress, happening upon a strange purple orb in one of the towers, & through some strange workings Pipin, Samwise & I were teleported to a city, a ruined city, it could only have been the Underdark…There was a dragon there, luckily our little trip ran out of time & all of us (dragon included) were brought back to everyone else in The Pit.
I can hardly recount the battle, or much else that happened afterwards. I’ve been so distracted by that brief trip, that glimpse of my ancestors’ home….My amulet triggered that orb, but why? Where did we go? I am no longer satisfied with subtle hints & guesses. The time has come to set out on my own & find true answers. I will be sure to bring the unhatched plantant egg I took from that Hive as it seems to be growing warmer lately. A companion will be valuable.

17 May 2011
I traveled up the White Ganges river to Pon Felueve, the Arched City. It was the first time I’d seen the unique place in person, and it was truly spectacular. A city built on a vast bridge. Miracle it hasn’t crumbled into the waters. I put up my hood & walked into a small tavern, the Dragon’s Tongue. I made small conversation with a few traveling humans, an old half-elf wizard chimed in when the Underdark was mentioned. I talked as if I was from there, merely exploring the other Planes. I told the half-elf I had entered from a much farther city, & inquired about other, closer ways to get there. He was surprisingly knowledgeable of the Realms & the ways one travels about them, luckily. We talked for quite a while, as he told me of the many technicalities & of faster, but much less safe, means of traveling. He told me of the many great moments he had seen, & of Drow society. I listened eagerly, and at one point he leaned in sternly & whispered “I know you’re not from there. Be wary of what you believe you are looking for.” He glanced at my amulet. “& read up on the Families” With that he slid a small black leather book into my hands. A small depiction of a spider was on the first page, but no title. He mentioned that the safest, surest way to get to the Underdark was by following a merchant caravan, & simply to look at the destination written on the cargo to find one going to Erelhei-Cinlu. He stood up & casually mentioned how nice it was to chat with an old friend. I returned my gratitude & watched him leave. I regretted seeing him go, the old wizard had been fascinating & so incredibly helpful.
I left an hour later to the edge of town, & upon finding the Merchant Square I quickly glanced through cargo until I found a simple cart with a few boxes labelled Erelhei-Cinlu. I stocked up on rations from a nearby apothecary & tranced until morning, & as soon as the merchants of my selected cart hitched up their oxen I was ready to follow. Soon I will be in the Underdark.

As the sun rose today I opened my eyes to stare through bars. Chained & locked in a small cage, my body ached, my veins burned. Crusted blood crumbled from a poorly bandaged wound on my arm. The last thing I remembered was carefully following a small cart, in the dark. The merchant going to the Drow city in the Underdark. But now, who knows where I’m heading now? I was sure I hadn’t been seen…
The driver of this cart is rather talkative. As soon as he saw “the littul dark beauty” was awake, he incessantly jabbered about how they’d tracked me & captured me (“Quite tha catch, if aye do say so meself”). Apparently they followed me from the tavern (“Wha’s a littul girl like you duin inna place like tha?”) & shot me with a paralyzing arrow (“Crumpled lika sack ah potatoes ya did! Jus darlin”). I was not amused, but I put on my prettiest voice & tried to sweet talk him, to see about getting out of this damn cage. Or at least unchained. But he assured me multiple times that he wasn’t going to help me, or “fall fer any ah dem wily lady trix
There’s a few other empty cages on this rather large cart, led by some huge breed of ox, & I’ve gathered that these Orcs are in the slave trade. Oh the joy. I need to sleep on this.

15 April 2012

29 April 2012

13 May 2012
Instructions from Boss to assassinate Drow/Fire bat fight in magnet cave/

15 May 2012
Continue thru cave/traps/ghost/assassination/2nd assassination/3rd attempt/flee

20 May 2012


The Boss's Log

5-22-12 (from the perspective of the dangerous ghost duo)

Dear ghost diary,

I have been working very closely with my new ghost friend, soon these adventures will join us in the afterlife! Then we can, you know, kill them some more. Or make fun of their mothers, whichever comes first I guess. Haven’t really thought that far ahead, but they WILL be dead! That much is for sure. BWA HA HA HA!

5-20-12 (from the perspective os Grog’s ghost)

Dear ghost diary,

Today I followed the fools into a cursed cave. Back in my living days, I had heard of this place, but I never had the chance to lay eyes on it. It is a place where all metal is heavy as shit! To my pleasure the blue eyed fool jumped right in! I could almost hear the bones in his ass shatter as he hit the ground. I laughed out loud, not as if the fools could hear me. The half-orc they call Augh, knowing the curse of the cave, jumped off a thirty foot cliff right into the cave anyway. He/she crushed a bat when he/she landed, he/she is either very brave or very stupid. Probably very stupid.

Also I met a friend today! Some sort of angry drow ghost that speaks with a strange accent. He knows many things, and has been teaching more about interacting with the mortal world. Soon I should be able to haunt more menacingly! (Also, I don’t know what that word means)

4-29-12 (from the perspective of Grog’s ghost)

Dear ghost diary,

I never imagined haunting could be so much fun! These small pale bags of flesh are more cunning than I had realized. They managed to con some stupid rich drow out of a whole room of valuables after actually selling them a crate of peasant rags. Some filthy half-breed joined them as well, if I still had a nose her stench would make me sick. What orc in their right mind would ever bed with a weak lesser race? Perversion. On a different note, I have been practicing interacting with the physical world. I think I am getting the hang of moving objects, sort of like a poltergeist. I will wait for the right moment to cause these flesh bags some trouble. Bwa ha ha!

4-15-12 Part I (from the perspective of The Boss)

Dear Diary,

Today I sent Havarkhad and Buckham on an assassination! Normally I would not accept jobs like this, but let’s just say that there are certain pictures of a certain crime boss with a certain noble young woman in a certain underground skanky sex dungeon that I need to get back from our client. Buckham should be able to con his way in. If he can’t, the Havarkhad can just flip out and kill everyone in sight. Hopefully the target will be one of those people…. At any rate, they should be able to steal a fair amount of treasure if they pull this off. I also got a gift for Buckham, it seems he is rather upset that every time he has an assignment he manages to submerge himself in nasty water and ruin his clothes. I might have a set of magical clothes that are self-cleaning, assuming he can log on and read my diary of course.

4-15-12 Part II (from the perspective of Grog the slaver)

Dear ghost diary,

Well being dead isn’t so bad, I get a ghost diary! I totally got slaughtered by a couple of drow, right after their weird bug pet killed my crew. Stupid drow, that’s the last time I capture one and try to sell it as a slave. Well, I guess that’s the last time I do anything really (since I am dead now!) I think I am going to haunt these fuckers for a while, they seem to be on their way to the drow city….

3-31-12 Part I (from the perspective of slim snakey)
Thissss is ssssuch and exccccelent idea for a trap! The sky people love thesssse small sssshiny disssskssss! When they come for them, they will fall into our pit and my children sssshall dine on their flessssh! It’ssss a sssshame my children can not yet sssstand up, for there can only be one real sssslim ssssnakey! Oh here they come! I musssst hide….

3-31-12 Part II (from the perspective of Jeff)

Dear Diary,

These mortals continue to provide me with some entertainment. Upon reaching the city of Myrithyra my loyal follower Pipin converted a household to my worship. This pleases me, all you have to do is give the silly mortals beer and they are good to go. If he keeps up his service I may return his brother to him. Then again maybe not, I am a dick like that, HA HA HA HA HA! Oh man, good times. Also that silly little gnome Adoy fell a great distance and is now at deaths doorstep. I have a feeling he will be in a coma. I hope he dies, I could use a stealer of pants in my service, to many people die with pants on. But I digress, I have a golden demi-god orgy of eternity to attend, so I should go.

5-21-11 (from the perspective of the Boss)

Dear Diary,

Sweet sweet sack of gold, we got paid! Although not nearly as much as I had dreamed, I have a deep satisfaction down inside making rich people pay for what is already theirs. ESPECIALLY when we keep BOTH the money and the goods. Keeping the princess around will be a liability, she seems pretty useless but you would be surprised when an education comes in handy. She has the spirit, but it is yet to be seen if she can become a decent adventurer.

Most of my crew survived, and once we get out of the pit it will be no-time before we have a new ship and can do jobs again. I haven’t told the gang yet, but I have already have a plan for our next job, I am going to look into it once we get back to civilization. The crew has been performing well, although I am disappointed Jezebel took off. I don’t blame her though, she has been searching for clues about her family her entire life, perhaps someday we will meet up again. It is strange coincidence that Ea showed up, presumably looking for Jezebel, so soon after she left. That girl has poor timing.

5-14-11 (from the perspective of Jeff)

Dear Diary,

Today I had a very amusing time watching the mortals below! I have been watching my loyal follower Pipin for some time, although I find his brother Samwise quite infuriating. I nearly killed his brain in a fit of rage several days ago when he would not stop making an annoying duck sound! Consequently I erased that sound from his mind.

At any rate, the sheep found a very purple orb that released a very pleasant purple feeling/taste/sound/taste. Reacting to the drity-elf’s necklace, she and Samwise were transported to the underdark, Jezebels long lost home and also the home of Nostradamus’s secret forbidden lover. Samwise was stupid enough to eat several toxic mushrooms. It is a pity he did not die but I enjoyed watching the gnome shove moss up his ass.

After loafing around for a bit with some spiders and ooze they were transported back to the mortal realm with a young dragon. The battle was so exciting that I couldn’t help myself and I gave my followers a little divine intervention! Perhaps next time I will turn Samwise into a bullwug…..

5-1-11 (from the perspective of the boss)

What a mess! My airship is destroyed and the princess is infected with spores from the forest! All is not lost though: Tiffany, Havarkhad and Jezebel brought back some queen venom and we made an antidote potion for the princess. It should work over time, or at least I hope it does. Otherwise we will be on Octavia’s shit-list forever! I sent the rest of the team to find us a cave or a cliff or something that we can use as a fortified base to protect the princess and demand ransom, the ruined hull of our airship won’t be able to protect us from anything. Hopefully they are having luck, we will be moving out soon regardless, we can’t stay here for long.

4-23-11 (from the perspective of george the plant-ant)

Dear Diary,

Today was another fun filled day in the forest! I led the beautiful lady and her friends to the hive. Then all of my friends came out to play with us! The creepy one with the shiny blue eyes and I led them on a long run through the forest! I think he was having a lot of fun, because he kept yelling “OH CRAP! OH CRAP! SHIT SHIT SHIT!” I’m not really sure what that means, I don’t speak people.

THEN we found a big tower in the middle of a swampy river! That was pretty cool, so they all went inside. I didn’t though, I don’t like to swim, fuck that I say.

4-16-11 (from the perspective of george the plant-ant)

Dear diary,

Today was the best day of my life! I was out gathering food for the queen, when a giant flaming tree fell from the sky! I ran up to it to see if I could kill something and drag it back to the hive as food. But then something happened, I saw the most beautiful creature I had ever seen in my life! It had these fleshy bags attached to its chest, and they made me melt on the inside. I stabbed bob in the brain, because he was going to hurt it! I followed it back inside the big burning log after it wasn’t burning anymore. It put a studded collar around my neck and told me I was a good ant-monster. They wanted to go to the hive, so we are on our way there! We got on a log to go across the scary swamp, I was really scared! The bad water hurt them a lot, but I kept saying ‘Stroke! Stroke!’ and we made it across. I like food!

4-3-11 (from the perspective of the boss)

Today we kidnapped the princess of Octavia! The royal family will pay a hefty fee to get her back, if we can actually get her back that is. Our ship was shot down as we escaped, and we crashed in a creepy forest. Everything was going according to plan in the beginning: Samwise and Pipin, despite being total idiots, managed to get through the opening act without getting themselves killed or arrested…. but they came close. They got back from the castle OK, and apparently tricked the princess into coming with them, she wasn’t even tied up!

Jezebel did her thing in the sewer, she came back with some rat bites, but I’m sure it wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle. That girl is a dirty one, I knew she was right for the job. I have another dirty job in mind for her, but I have other things to think about right now….

I must give credit to Kiva, Buckham, Tiffany and Havarkhad: they are better actors than I thought they would be. They even improvised for a while when the princess fell from the rafters.

I presume the whole lot of them did good work while we were making our escape, I was in the engine room making sure our escape was fast, those blockheads that work down in the engine room occasionally need some extra ‘motivation’ to get the job done. Well, I think I hear some evil mind controlling plant monsters smashing through the hull, so I should go….

Havarkhad's Log

Just when I was becoming bored, Boss told us he had lined up a job: Kidnap the Princess of Octavia. The last few had been quite dull, and a waste of my abilities; but not this one… Or so I thought.

My assignment was to preform the play “The Death of King Smithy”, I; along with Caoimhe, Buckham Elderwine and TIffany made up ‘Team 3’. The plan was simple enough: Preform the play so that the citizens, guards and all others are distracted while Team 2; namely Jezebel opens the gate for Team 1. Team 1 was to kidnap the Princess.
I played the part of King Wolfy, I must admit; it was odd hearing my own voice, Perhaps I should speak aloud more often. Kiva, Buckham and Tiffany all played their parts quite well, and I was able to influence the first few rows of the crowd to greater enjoy the performance.

To my annoyance: the Twins, Pipin and Samwise became careless and the Princess fell from the rafters during the third and final act. With some improvisation we salvaged the situation and made our escape. Unfortunately our escape was not, as they say ‘squeaky clean’ and the Airship crashed in the nearby forest. No doubt the Queen of Octavia will be sending pursuit.

I have not had the time, nor the will to do so before now, but I feel it is better now then later. When Boss recruited me for his ‘Troupe’ I thought I had found the perfect way to test myself and my abilities, thus far I have had only fleeting chances, but these have proven useful, I know I weave the emotions and to an extent; the thoughts of a large number of individuals quickly.

I should also take a moment to reflect on my cohorts: Jezebel has proven herself capable of doing her job. Buckham has also proven thus (Though I must be careful with fire related jokes, lest he throw another fire ball at me) and has also shown at least some skill with Arcana. Kiva has yet to have made any impression beyond being good at preforming, though I sense great primal energies within her. Tiffany has proven to be… interesting, for a Tiefling; she is unusually carefree and cheerful, however; I must not forget that the blood of Asmodeus flows through her veins, I should be careful not to anger her. The Twins have done little more then annoy me, yes; they to have proven able to complete their tasks, but nearly failing before even entering the castle is not something to be proud of. What’s more: Pipin treads a fine line, with annoying on one side, and… what do they call it? ‘Mind Rape’? On the other side.

With some luck we may just make it out of this alive, I only hope the Princess proves less annoying then the twins, she is not worth much dead, and I would rather not kill her.

I should scout the area. There are far deadlier things then Human guards in this forest.


It seems I was right about there being worse things in these forests then human guards.
Before we had time to recover from the crash, we began hearing sounds of combat. We found Jimothy; TIffany‘s pom-pom repairman, trapped under a beam, and the Princess (I really should learn her name) trying to free him. I really have to wonder if she’s really that brave, or if she’s just that stupid.
Unfortunately before we could help, some kind of weird plant/ant hybrids broke through the hull. I can only assume it’s Jezebels time of the month, as she killed one with only her lesser Drow Power ‘DarkFire’, I didn’t even think such a thing was possible. Either way; she still had some rage left in her, and with a little effort I was able to bring it to the surface, she promptly cut another Hybrid in half. I hate to be the man that angers her.

It seems the Hybrid were attempting to capture any living thing they could, they managed to take the Princess, with Jezebel and TIffany being the closer to the captors, I let them rescue the Princess while I defended Jimothy and the ship. I was able to strengthen Jimothy (by way of my Psychic abilities) enough that he was able to free himself.
One of them did eventually get a hold of Jimothy, but I was able to eliminate the threat.

Thankfully TIffany and Jezebel were able to save the princess. And Tiffany seems to have found herself a-a… ‘Groupie’? Is that the right word? One of the Hybrids seems to be enthralled by her, by way of her breasts… or Jezebels breasts…(there always comes a time when I stop wondering) or so I heard. The thing makes me uneasy.
There was no time to celebrate however, the Princess was infected with some kind of mind altering spores, even I was unable to reach her subconscious. Boss says we have less then 24 hours to find the cure, and the only cure requires the PlAnt Hybrid Queens venom. The Hybrid that has taken a liking to Tiffany took us to a swamp, with the mud being to thin for us to walk on and the bridge the PlAnt Hybrids used having been swept away, we were forced to cross using a tree we cut down.

Though it seems the water here is either not water, or it is home to a number of Water Elemental-esk creatures, Tiffany was almost killed, but I was able to aid her. Tiffanys’ PlAnt friend kept paddling and we were able to make it across.
We’re running out of time, we spent to long crossing the river and we don’t know how much farther the Hive is.


Well that was interesting, after we found the PlAnt Hive we split up, I lured the Drones away from the Queen so that Jezebel and TIffany could fight her without being swarmed by her minions. The Drones turned out quite weak willed; perhaps a side effect of a Hive-Mind? It’s hard to tell without more information.
Jezebel and TIffany were able to retrieve some of the Queen’s venom, and also felt the need to take an unhatched egg… I fail to understand the importance of bringing an unhatched egg with us, I doubt they will let me study the creature, so it is of no academic value.

We returned to the Airship. TIffany and Jimothy were able to distill an antidote for the Princess, we aren’t sure how long it will take for her to respond to it though. In the mean time, we needed a new position, the Airship wreckage will not make for a good camp. Someone found a water temple not to far from the crash site, we’re making camp inside while some of the others fortify it. I overheard TIffany talking about some Wizard named Nostradamus the Shut In, she believes the dead body that was found to be him.

I shall have to search this Temple, TIffany mentioned that Nostradamus may have had a powerful magical item in his Temple, and though she did not sense anything magical; I would not put it past a Wizard to hide such an object.
h6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Well we were exploring the second tower of this temple, we came across a purple orb. However, before we could examine it, the orb began to glow purple before a bolt of lighting struck Jezebels necklace, the lighting arced from her and hit the twins, all three of them disappeared. Upon examining the orb, I found that was not actually dangerous, most likely it was meant as a means of teleportation, however, none of us could think of a way to reactivate it. Before we could really do anything else, a fox approached Caoimhe and whispered ‘I have rabies’ before attacking her… it was promptly destroyed. It seems this was to get us outside of the temple, using the animal messager in this way was clever. Caoimhe was now infected with a the disease.

Luckily she knew where we could find some herbs to treat it. The herbs were in fact, less then a minutes away, as was her intended assassin, and his cohorts. After a failed attempt to sneak our way to the herbs, we were forced to eliminate all of them. It seems the would-be assassin was a Shifter of some kind from Caoimhes’ past. After making a potion to treat the disease, we decided to make camp in the room with orb, TIffany returned as well (She and Jimothy had been working on something)
Something odd happened when we began fighting; a voice, like a whisper on the edge of hearing, in the back of my mind. It stayed with me throughout the fight, and has yet to leave me.

After some much needed rest we heard, saw, smelled, tasted, and felt purple. The orb as doing things again. This time however, it returned Pipin, Jezebel and Samwise… and three others, a Gnome, and one other I didn’t get a good look at, and a young Black Dragon. The top of the tower was destroyed and we found our selves in the river. Pipin it seems follows a god named Jeff, who; it seems may actually be useful, as a quite powerful prayer all but sealed the dragons’ fate.

After the Dragon was slain the voice grew louder, I must think on this. For now, I must isolate my mind until I have discovered the Voices’ nature, I’ll have to close off the telepathy for a time while I do so.
h6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After we defeated the dragon, Jezebel left to search for answers regarding her people and past. The others that came through the portal left as well, though I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of that Gnome in the near future.

After some sleep, we found that we had been surrounded by Eur-dan, an Elf general from Octavia. He wanted to meet with the Boss in order to negotiate for the return of Princess Laura. The Boss, TIffany and Princess Laura met with Eur-dan between the two camps. Boss decided to hand the Princess over… for the sum of 500 gold (far lower then the amount that had been asked for).

But it turned out to be a set-up, a knife came from nowhere and nearly killed a hidden sniper just past the tree line. By the time combat had ended, Eur-dan and one of his lieutenants was dead, as was the sniper, the remaining lieutenant ran for help. When I approached the tree line, I sent a closed message into the area hoping to communicate with whomever our savior was, she turned out to be another Tiefling by the name of Ea, she’s seems more normal then Tiffany though, in fact; Tiffany has been acting like an average Tiefling since Ea appeared.

All of this left us in a tight spot, we had the (even if it was less then had been asked for) gold as well as the Princess, the Boss wanted to leave her, as did some of the others, and with only TIffany really wanting to keep her around, the Princess proved her value: she walked on water, clearly she possesses some skill with Rituals, and with that demonstration it was decided that the Princess would stay.

The Voice has grown quieter, this is good, perhaps with mo~ The remainder is impossible to discern
h6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The group split today, Buckham Elderwine, TIffany and myself continued toward Myrithyra. Jezebel left to search for her home or some such. Pipin, Caoimhe wandered off to none know where.
We walked right into a trap set by some snakes. We were reunited with Pippin and Caoimhe, and they brought with them a Dwarf, who seemed to have been driving mad by the mists. He promptly left.

I grow weary of this, I hold the greatest power known to the Kalashtar that is known, and here I am a petty thief! This is below me, I should be proving my power, showing the world what I can do! What I am capable of! Yet here I am, on the run, feeling to the city that feared me…
Yet, I do feel a certain joy at the thought of returning to that place.

We did make it to Myrithyra without further incident. I hid my face when we arrived, I have no desire for the city to know of my return, I will visit the Head Priest and speak with Hyriae before I leave, but I will not have it known that I was ever here this day if I can help it.

I was almost disappointed that Hyriae was not there at the time, she was above the city collecting medicinal herbs. She only returned as I preparing to sleep, leaving no time to speak to each other. She seems well, and she has grown since last I was her, She’s matured into quite the Psion, when last I saw her she was just beginning to look into the edges of the mind. Now; she may vary well be better able then I.
She’s taken a liking to TIffany and even invited her to stay with us the night… this ended in TIffany getting to dye and braid my hair (which I will tolerate only because it brings Hyriae joy)

I find my thoughts drifting to Myrithyra, to the city itself, it will have been 2 years in a month since I walked along the Waterwalks of Aura, and it seems even longer since I looked up at the clear night sky from Umbra. Yet I feel uneasy, this city that I left nearly 2 years ago has not changed; it is always the same, like a river that flows into itself. This I hate, it is the nature of things to change, and yet this place does not, it is this aspect that makes the city a paradise for my kind. There is a zen to this city, one can hear it in the quiet flowing waters, see it in the reflections against the stone, yet the silence has only brought me sadness and now only makes the voice louder. Yet at the same time; the waters that flow slowly off of the city into the pit so far below were always my favorite part of this city, the noise has always brought me a certain peace and now drowns out the voice.

While I slept, the voice grew louder, it spoke to me of power, of the vast and terrifying power the first [Thoughtsinger] held, how I was being held back, that I should take my leave and set out on my own.
I believe I now know the origin of the voice, but I am not yet certain.

I was awoken by the sounds of battle, the Third layer was under attack, I instructed Hyriae to make for the first level while I gathered the others.
It seems that a number of Fire, Earth and Air Elementals were the aggressors, rarely do Elementals make war with each other, and even rarer do they band together like they have this night. They were attacking the Astral Observatory, a place I had not been in some time.

And so we battled.


It has been a year since I last kept a Journal. Little, and yet much, has happened since the battle in Myrithyra.

I once again left Myrithyra to travel on my own, alas, for the Voice only grew more powerful, and it is with pain and regret, that many were fell victim to it.

It was a small village that I had happened across, Rahal was a quiet village preparing for a wedding which was only the next day. They welcomed me, and so I made myself useful.
But in this peace I lowered my guard, and the Voice took hold. By the time I awoke, the village had been all but whipped out, only a few survivors remained.

With new evidence of the Voice’s nature, I returned to the one place, the only people I could count on to put a stop to it should it take hold again: Myrithyra.

In this past year, I’ve come to a conclusion regarding the voice, no doubt that it stems from my training… or rather; to the shortcut I took.
When I asked Hyriae to fashion the Psyche Block from me those many years ago, I used it to seal off three parts of my mind that I had been unable to gain full control over. These parts were Anger, Envy and Desire for Power; it is the later that the voice speaks of the most, but all three are prevalent in it’s Psyche, I have done what I can to seal it off without Hyriaes aid, and I do not wish to involve her in this any more then I already have.

Hyriae surely suspects that my Psyche is strained, but I have not told her any of this, nor have I told anyone else.
I have been looking into methods by which I can eliminate, or tame the Voice without our Psyches coming into contact, already I feel the lines between our Ids blur, the Anger I felt for the loss of my parents, at the people who treated me different because of my abilities keeps swelling up, and I strain to hold my lust power in check.

The Envy that the Voice feels seems to be lessened when I am near Hyriae, I can only assume as to the reason for this; if the Voice feels the Envy for the same reason I did, then it feels Envious of those who are normal, non have associated with me since my powers first developed, save for Hyriae; Hyriae has stood by me when no one else would out of fear of me.
Is it possible that the Voice shares my memory? I remember nothing of what it has done, but that is because it exists on a lower portion of my mind. If it knows what I know, then surely it recognizes the Hyriae is partly responsible for it’s existence.

In my studies (which Hyriae has been most helpful) I came across a number of texts concerning Terunen Thoughtsinger, the first of the Thoughtsingers, his level of control was said to be unparalleled, and the level of his power the same. I also found reference to his crown, which was said to augment his powers even further, it lays in his tomb, hidden from any map, perhaps with his Crown, I could control the Voice.

The Boss however had better ideas, he tracked me back to Myrithyra (How is it he always knows where I am?). Though Assassinations are not something I normally assist with, the payout has the potential to set me, and Hyriae for life, perhaps longer.

Buckham Elderwine And I have managed to con our way into a caravan to a Drow city for a festival, there, we are to kill a guard and rob the vault he is guarding, with luck, no one will realize that the guard was the target. For now, sleep is a must, I have a busy night a head.

This city… by the Nine Hells this city shall burn to the fucking ground! I do not care if it is made mostly of stone, I shall find a way to reduce it to ashes, along with all of it’s pompous, egotistical, narcissistic damnable rich! no pay is worth this treatment, here I am treated like dirt by foolish rich whores and bastards, who are easily conned into buying rags that are splashed with water so that when set ablaze, they do not burn!

My anger gets the better of me now, with time, the Voice has become more powerful, it has begun reaching into my Psyche, the control I held in the palm of my hand is slowly slipping through my fingers. With this loss of control I find myself struggling to remain sane.

The plan was to be simple, and still is; Buckham acts as a merchant selling valuable goods, I pose as his guard and assistant, we acquire an item called a Bag of Holding, which will aid us in our endeavor.

We were reunited with Jezebel, who had been captured as a slave. We also met her new friend Auhg, a Half-Orc who had been up for sale, until Jezebel released her.

A Rich bastard and his Whore wife bought a ‘Fire Rug’ for 1000g as well… and some rags we bought for some peasants… and for Buckham to mount them to their wall.

Some how, Buckham, Jezebel and Augh managed to steal a Bag of Holding, some Ivory weapons AND set the showing room of the couple ablaze, I must reevaluate Buckham and Jezebel, but that can wait, we begin in only a few hours.

May 12.

My Anger once again has gotten the best of me.

We opened the letter the Boss gave to Buckham and myself before we left, in it was a map to the vault. We were to enter a cave, climb down a hole into another cave, enter a crypt through said cave, and from there exit near the vault, kill the guard and rob the place in only a matter of hours.

Alas, with my refound anger has come rashness. I lowered a rope down the hole and dropped a torch, then made my way down ahead of the others, only for my chain mail and sword to pull me down to the ground.
Pinned by my mail and badly injured by the fall, I was helpless against the Fire Bats that attacked.

I blacked out. While unconscious, the Voice came to me, he looks like me, save for his aura, a mix of blood and fire, rather then the night sky and water.

we conversed for a short time, his ideals are… unusual, he is focused on gaining power, but will not sacrifice us, he sees me as both an ally and an enemy. But concerning Hyriae; he was silent, he would not speak of her, why? Why is he silent concerning my sister? What are his thoughts on her? Where does she fit into his goals? Nothing else bring him to silence like Hyriaes’ name, does he hate her? Care for her? Is she of no concern to him?

I have come to a few conclusions concerning him though,
one; He is like a wild born dog; with no Super-Ego, his Ego and Id run rampant.

Two; His need to reproduce, is instead need for power, it is what drives him, just as the need to reproduce drives many mortals

Three; he is evolving, his power grows, and I doubt I can hold it in check for much longer. But it is not just his power, his thoughts are becoming more complex, as though I am watching a child mature to an adult in only a year, his thoughts slowly shift into something more abstract, towards something I cannot predict.

He told to wake up, stand up and show my power… I refused to, Death had opened her arms, and I could find no reason to refuse her embrace. But he, Grahf, as I have choosen to call him, chose to fight. When I came to, all of the bats were dead, and I had injured Jezebel.

After an apology, and healing the party we continued toward our objective… and is it just me; or does our party have one more now then it did before?

May 15

We advanced through the caverns avoiding traps, and even meeting a rather annoyed ghost who spoke with an odd accent.

After killing the guard and raiding the vault however, my companions felt it a good idea to linger and were discovered so we were forced to flee.

Throwing my last Sunrod and my Greatsword down a hallway to mislead our pursuers, and after coming closer to a spear trap then I would have liked we fled the way we came
May 20

As we fled through the caverns Buckham and I found ourselves separated from the rest of the group, while we bickered the floor gave out beneath us and we feel farther into the caves.

A faint light coming towards us kept us arguing again, however; between Grahf trying to take control, and the muddy floor I slipped and did not have the chance to recover before being seen by a group of Skeletons, Grahf took hold quickly and proved his abilities to be my equal nearly destroying one of our attackers instantly.
At some point Jezebel, Auhg and Giblet arrived, fortunately I was able to regain control before injuring one of them again. Seems we also managed to pick up a stalker, an Eladrin with a shifty look to her.

I might have cared about this, but I’m sick of this place, reminds me to much of the Sanctuary, dark and quiet, barley able to see a foot in front of me, it’s not serene… it’s maddening, whats more; I feel… troubled, like something tried to call out to me, but was muffled before it could scream. Surely this cave plays toys with my mind.

After we found our way out, Jezebel and myself went to check for gossip, perhaps word of the heist had already spread, knowing what everyone else knows would be a great boon, Jezebel however became far to drunk and started hitting on a broom… Drow, I’ll never understand them.

I did however hear one interesting tidbit, it seems the long lost, thought to be long dead heiress of one of the houses had been spotted, and the Houses’ mark just so happens to be the same thing hanging from Jezebels neck, having checking to ensure I was remembering correctly (which I was) I set about finding out how best to play the situation, Jezebel has done nothing to earn my stabbing her in the back, yet I feel the need to raise a little discord among the houses of the thrice damned city, but I think I’ll keep this to myself, no reason to share this information with anyone other Jezebel, and with her intoxicated drunk with Augh, I see no reason to inform her just yet.

Tiffany's Log

So it’s like been a year since I’ve written in this thing. I really need to be better about it! This last year has gone by in such a rush! I decided that I like needed to leave the party for a bit to study my enchantment magic. I like think I needed to branch out a bit to get stronger. I totally studied with this old elf mage guy named Namin the Great. He’s so totally awesome. He showed me better ways to control those around me. I like think I’m ready to go back to the group. I like totally miss my friends and all of our crazy adventures!
Okay, so we were like totally walking through this forest thing on our way to Mysteria when like, we found this coin purse just like sitting on a log. Adoy wanted to run up and grab it, but I like picked it up with mage hand first since like, we couldn’t tell if it was like trapped or not. He totally got annoyed with me! Like, see if I try to save him from like, getting cursed again! Then, out of nowhere we heard these snake things like cursing at us and then they totally ran up and attacked us. Havarkhad got beaten up a bit, but this like dwarf guy who was like totally crazy and kept like talking about eating snakes ran up with some of our friends. They like totally helped us kill slim snakey and fat snakey. When that was over and we’d like burnt all the snakes, we finally made our way to the city. There was like totally magical water there that totally like made the ceilings glitter. It was so pretty!

We like totally got woken up in the middle of the night after a really awesome slumber party. I totally got the chance to dye and braid Havarkhad’s hair! Anyway, so like these random elementals like totally attacked the city and went to the lower tier where they like totally have this magical water spring. We ended up fighting off these like fire and earth elementals that were on this crazy solar system model thing that moved. It was like totally awesome. Adoy might not make it though, which is sad. Hopefully we can get him some healing!

So like, we were exploring the other tower in the temple thing and we found this room. As soon as we walked in, Jezebel’s necklace started glowing and this orb thing started glowing. Then this pretty purple lightening shot out and hit her and Pippin and they like totally disappeared! Then, as we were standing there talking, this cute little fox came in the room and attacked Caoimhe. Havarkhad set the fox on fire. Turns out the thing had a disease and we had to go find herbs for her. While we were out searching, we got attacked by these elves and a shifter cat thing that totally knew Caoimhe somehow. Just after we had defeated these foes and taken a while to rest, the temple totally blew up! Once the smoke cleared, there was totally a dragon! I was super worried for a little while, but with the help of some new friends and everyone back together again, we totally defeated it! Now we’ll just have to make sure the Princess lives and get out of this pit!
So like, Havarkhad, Jezebel, and I totally made it to the lair of the ant-plant queen. Havarkhad totally distracted the minions so Jezebel and I could get to the queen. It was awesome! We totally took out the queen and stole one of her eggs and then took the venom back to the Boss. Then Jimmothy and I made an antidote for the Princess but we totally aren’t sure if it worked or not. It took some time, but we caught up to the rest of the party who had like scouted ahead for a safe place to stay. They are like totally convinced that we are going to get attacked by the country of Octavia who want their princess back. The group totally found this water castle/temple thing that they think we can fortify. There is totally a dead guy in it and I think it’s this wizard I heard about named Nostradamus the Shut In. They say that he shut himself away in this castle thing with a really powerful magic item, but I totally didn’t sense anything magical. I think the sorcerer is going to like try and get back to the boss to let him know we found a good place, but I’m not sure how well that will work since he like, can’t swim very well. Guess we’ll find out!
So like, we made it out of Octavia but they freaking shot us down! We ended up going down in the Pit and the airship was attacked by these plant/ant things. They totally tried to carry off Jimmothy and the Princess into the jungle forest! We totally got them back though. It was obvious that these creatures had never seen anything as cool as us because they were horribly distracted. One of them actually protected me and so I named him George and now he’s my friend! Once we got the Princess back into the airship we totally realized that she’d been infected with these mind control spore things. Now we have to go track down the Queen so we can get some of her venom spore things to make an antidote. George was so awesome, he started leading us back to his Queen but his bridge across the swamp got destroyed. We decided to cut down a tree to make a raft so we could row it across but halfway across we totally got attacked by the water! I freaking almost died! Thankfully Havarkhard saved me and we were able to get across the swamp. Now we just have to make it all the way to the Queen, get her venom and then get back to the airship. We can totally do this :D

So today was like, totally amazing! We performed the play “The Death of King Smithy” and the crowd like totally loved us! We didn’t get to finish the play though because the princess totally fell on stage during the play and the Boss said we needed to leave in a hurry. When we were trying to leave, the people totally shot flaming arrows at us! We had to run around trying to put out the flames before the airship caught on fire. Good thing we’re all so amazing! As soon as we got the fire under control, there was totally a battle on the top deck where some of the guards managed to jump on board trying to take back the princess. We totally kicked their asses! Unfortunately, our airship ended up going down anyway so now we’re like, totally stranded in this crazy wilderness where everything is different. That’s okay though because we’re so awesome, we’ll destroy anything that tries to take us down!

Caoimhe's Log
Kidnapping a Princess 101


Today I went on my first mission with the troupe. The goal was to kidnap the princess of Octavia. The boss had a three part plan: distract, infiltrate, and escape. The distraction part involved a sword fight by the Twins and a short play. The boss assigned me a small part, Snake, in “The Death of King Smithy,” a play by the famous lady playwright, Draggon Zion. The sword fight was an utter disaster – of course – but at least they made it out alive. The Twins definitely work well together and play off each others’ strengths. During the sword fight, Jezzie was busy fighting off rats in the sewer to gain entrance to the castle. The play was fascinating and I ending up being the villain. Mwahahahaha! While Tiffany, Havarkhad, Buckham, and I were on stage the Twins infiltrated the castle and, after screwing around considerably, grabbed the princess. There were a few hiccups, of course. The princess fell on to the stage.

Anyway, long story short we came out of this caper with only a few bumps and bruises… except for Samwise who died of the Quack for a short time. No biggie.


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