Thick as Thieves

Adoy's Log

I am dying. I see a light and I don’t want any part of that fucker. Stay away from me you damn light. I still haven’t stolen anyone pants.
As positives go, I did off two elemental, fire then earth before the air elemental pitch me off the planetarium exhibit, and I lay prone.
h3. Encounter High Points
Arguing with a Tiefling and Halfing, and everyone else in the party about how much money was actually in a “found” coin purse. It was mine damn it. (Traps be damned)
Stealing from an old lady running in fear. (still have my ball of lent)
Stealing from dead city guards (They are dead, what do they need it for)
Being dragged through an elemental water feature by a elemental jellyfish. (Poor Steve, he died so young)



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