Thick as Thieves

Caoimhe's Log

Kidnapping a Princess 101


Today I went on my first mission with the troupe. The goal was to kidnap the princess of Octavia. The boss had a three part plan: distract, infiltrate, and escape. The distraction part involved a sword fight by the Twins and a short play. The boss assigned me a small part, Snake, in “The Death of King Smithy,” a play by the famous lady playwright, Draggon Zion. The sword fight was an utter disaster – of course – but at least they made it out alive. The Twins definitely work well together and play off each others’ strengths. During the sword fight, Jezzie was busy fighting off rats in the sewer to gain entrance to the castle. The play was fascinating and I ending up being the villain. Mwahahahaha! While Tiffany, Havarkhad, Buckham, and I were on stage the Twins infiltrated the castle and, after screwing around considerably, grabbed the princess. There were a few hiccups, of course. The princess fell on to the stage.

Anyway, long story short we came out of this caper with only a few bumps and bruises… except for Samwise who died of the Quack for a short time. No biggie.



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