Thick as Thieves

Jezebel's Log

3 April 2011
My role in this evening’s heist was simple: Open the gates from within the sewers for Team 1 so they could infiltrate the castle to grab the princess.
Of course this meant crawling down into the stinking pits beneath the castle, full of swinging scythes & rusty spear traps…Honestly, who puts swinging scythes in a SEWER?

A map was provided, so navigating wasn’t a problem. There was no lighting, but I barely noticed…Once I’d found the switch that operated the swinging scythes I didn’t even bother using the key I was given as the lock was so damn simple!

However that was when the rats noticed my presence, which at first I was a little annoyed at having to fight on my hands & knees, but I soon realized that while I had a map detailing where all the spear traps were, THEY certainly didn’t. Needless to say I didn’t even have to get my hands dirty…well, figuratively speaking.

Once all the rats had been speared & I’d turned the gears to open the gates above, I crawled back to the airship and took a MUCH NEEDED bath, after which one couldn’t even tell I’d been crawling around in the sewers. Well, except for the rat bites.

Mission successful! And anyways, sometimes you just have to get dirty ;)

Apparently I was the only one to do my job without making a mess! I, after a beautifully pleasant bath, was relaxing in the airship when suddenly, it was being ATTACKED.

I’d hoped that my comrades would prove themselves to not be complete screw-ups, however I find myself severely disappointed. Well, not towards all of them, mainly those damn twins…I asked Caoimhe, probably one of the more competent ones, about what had happened & apparently the play was going fantastically well, but then the princess FELL FROM THE RAFTERS. Obviously everyone freaked out about that, so they had no choice but to fight the guards as the king & queen were yelling for their heads.

The twins should have done a better job of keeping hold of the situation with the princess…At least they helped defend the ship during the onslaught.
And now here we are, crashed in a damn jungle or something, and who knows what kinds of…things lurk in the darkness.

23 April 2011
Tiffany, Havarkhad, & I were charged with taking care of the hull & the princess. Tiffany’s pom-pom repairman, Jimothy, was stuck under a fallen rafter, so the princess was tending to him as we fought off giant ant/plant-like creatures. I was completely prepared for them & slaughtered one with my mind (due to an extremely ferocious use of my darkfire power, which shouldn’t have been possible) and then turned on another which died as soon as my blade touched it. I think my comrades were kind of scared.

Havarkhad also used me as a vessel of fury, and I felt such rage as I never had, slicing a bug through like butter. It was so damn exhilarating!

Then of course the princess got carried off by some bugs, so Tiffany & I promptly destroyed them. However a second set of bugs came & picked the princess up, and Tiffany used her illusionistic/distraction powers on the bugs, and hypnotized them with her breasts. However I was closer to the bugs so I’m pretty sure it was MY breasts that hypnotized them, and later we found out that yes, indeed, I have the better rack.

Anyways once the princess was once again free of the bugs, I swiftly ran to her, and just threw myself on top of her, because there was NO FREAKING WAY she was going to be carried off, AGAIN. I dragged her back to the ship to find that Tiffany had really hypnotized one of the bugs, whom she named George. He is apparently an ally now, which is great because apparently, the princess has become infected with some mind-control spores, and the antidote lies in the Queen bug. So he is leading us to the hive, and we are so lost in this forest now, but at least we’re at the hive! We had to cut a tree down to use it as a raft to get across a really swampy part, and of freaking course the water attacked us and Tiffany almost DIED. But George was being a good sport the whole way, kept paddling the whole time so we eventually got to the other side.

Can’t say I’m too terribly excited about seeing what the inside of this hive is like…

30 April 2011
Not in a good mood today. Once we reached the hive, Havarkhad used his powers to distract the plant ants, running off. This, however, left Tiffany & I to take on the queen ourselves, which at first we did quite handily, but it got a little hairy near the end. We ended up successful & grabbed the queen’s venom or whatever it was, and since they were a few eggs left undestroyed after the battle we took one. Yeah, that’s right. Quick run away, we’ve got one of those bitches. Besides George, of course.
After that we got the hell out of there. Tiffany & Jimothy created the antidote for the princess & administered it to her, but we don’t know if it’s going to work yet. We met up with the rest of the party in some kind of fortress deep in the forest. There’s a dead guy, and Tiffany claims it’s “Nostradamus the Shut-In”. Something about a powerful magic item, but I could care less. Let’s just hope these ruins hold up against the onslaught that’s sure to come. And that nobody gives me any shit.

15 May 2011
We explored that fortress, happening upon a strange purple orb in one of the towers, & through some strange workings Pipin, Samwise & I were teleported to a city, a ruined city, it could only have been the Underdark…There was a dragon there, luckily our little trip ran out of time & all of us (dragon included) were brought back to everyone else in The Pit.
I can hardly recount the battle, or much else that happened afterwards. I’ve been so distracted by that brief trip, that glimpse of my ancestors’ home….My amulet triggered that orb, but why? Where did we go? I am no longer satisfied with subtle hints & guesses. The time has come to set out on my own & find true answers. I will be sure to bring the unhatched plantant egg I took from that Hive as it seems to be growing warmer lately. A companion will be valuable.

17 May 2011
I traveled up the White Ganges river to Pon Felueve, the Arched City. It was the first time I’d seen the unique place in person, and it was truly spectacular. A city built on a vast bridge. Miracle it hasn’t crumbled into the waters. I put up my hood & walked into a small tavern, the Dragon’s Tongue. I made small conversation with a few traveling humans, an old half-elf wizard chimed in when the Underdark was mentioned. I talked as if I was from there, merely exploring the other Planes. I told the half-elf I had entered from a much farther city, & inquired about other, closer ways to get there. He was surprisingly knowledgeable of the Realms & the ways one travels about them, luckily. We talked for quite a while, as he told me of the many technicalities & of faster, but much less safe, means of traveling. He told me of the many great moments he had seen, & of Drow society. I listened eagerly, and at one point he leaned in sternly & whispered “I know you’re not from there. Be wary of what you believe you are looking for.” He glanced at my amulet. “& read up on the Families” With that he slid a small black leather book into my hands. A small depiction of a spider was on the first page, but no title. He mentioned that the safest, surest way to get to the Underdark was by following a merchant caravan, & simply to look at the destination written on the cargo to find one going to Erelhei-Cinlu. He stood up & casually mentioned how nice it was to chat with an old friend. I returned my gratitude & watched him leave. I regretted seeing him go, the old wizard had been fascinating & so incredibly helpful.
I left an hour later to the edge of town, & upon finding the Merchant Square I quickly glanced through cargo until I found a simple cart with a few boxes labelled Erelhei-Cinlu. I stocked up on rations from a nearby apothecary & tranced until morning, & as soon as the merchants of my selected cart hitched up their oxen I was ready to follow. Soon I will be in the Underdark.

As the sun rose today I opened my eyes to stare through bars. Chained & locked in a small cage, my body ached, my veins burned. Crusted blood crumbled from a poorly bandaged wound on my arm. The last thing I remembered was carefully following a small cart, in the dark. The merchant going to the Drow city in the Underdark. But now, who knows where I’m heading now? I was sure I hadn’t been seen…
The driver of this cart is rather talkative. As soon as he saw “the littul dark beauty” was awake, he incessantly jabbered about how they’d tracked me & captured me (“Quite tha catch, if aye do say so meself”). Apparently they followed me from the tavern (“Wha’s a littul girl like you duin inna place like tha?”) & shot me with a paralyzing arrow (“Crumpled lika sack ah potatoes ya did! Jus darlin”). I was not amused, but I put on my prettiest voice & tried to sweet talk him, to see about getting out of this damn cage. Or at least unchained. But he assured me multiple times that he wasn’t going to help me, or “fall fer any ah dem wily lady trix
There’s a few other empty cages on this rather large cart, led by some huge breed of ox, & I’ve gathered that these Orcs are in the slave trade. Oh the joy. I need to sleep on this.

15 April 2012

29 April 2012

13 May 2012
Instructions from Boss to assassinate Drow/Fire bat fight in magnet cave/

15 May 2012
Continue thru cave/traps/ghost/assassination/2nd assassination/3rd attempt/flee

20 May 2012




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