Thick as Thieves

Tiffany's Log

So it’s like been a year since I’ve written in this thing. I really need to be better about it! This last year has gone by in such a rush! I decided that I like needed to leave the party for a bit to study my enchantment magic. I like think I needed to branch out a bit to get stronger. I totally studied with this old elf mage guy named Namin the Great. He’s so totally awesome. He showed me better ways to control those around me. I like think I’m ready to go back to the group. I like totally miss my friends and all of our crazy adventures!
Okay, so we were like totally walking through this forest thing on our way to Mysteria when like, we found this coin purse just like sitting on a log. Adoy wanted to run up and grab it, but I like picked it up with mage hand first since like, we couldn’t tell if it was like trapped or not. He totally got annoyed with me! Like, see if I try to save him from like, getting cursed again! Then, out of nowhere we heard these snake things like cursing at us and then they totally ran up and attacked us. Havarkhad got beaten up a bit, but this like dwarf guy who was like totally crazy and kept like talking about eating snakes ran up with some of our friends. They like totally helped us kill slim snakey and fat snakey. When that was over and we’d like burnt all the snakes, we finally made our way to the city. There was like totally magical water there that totally like made the ceilings glitter. It was so pretty!

We like totally got woken up in the middle of the night after a really awesome slumber party. I totally got the chance to dye and braid Havarkhad’s hair! Anyway, so like these random elementals like totally attacked the city and went to the lower tier where they like totally have this magical water spring. We ended up fighting off these like fire and earth elementals that were on this crazy solar system model thing that moved. It was like totally awesome. Adoy might not make it though, which is sad. Hopefully we can get him some healing!

So like, we were exploring the other tower in the temple thing and we found this room. As soon as we walked in, Jezebel’s necklace started glowing and this orb thing started glowing. Then this pretty purple lightening shot out and hit her and Pippin and they like totally disappeared! Then, as we were standing there talking, this cute little fox came in the room and attacked Caoimhe. Havarkhad set the fox on fire. Turns out the thing had a disease and we had to go find herbs for her. While we were out searching, we got attacked by these elves and a shifter cat thing that totally knew Caoimhe somehow. Just after we had defeated these foes and taken a while to rest, the temple totally blew up! Once the smoke cleared, there was totally a dragon! I was super worried for a little while, but with the help of some new friends and everyone back together again, we totally defeated it! Now we’ll just have to make sure the Princess lives and get out of this pit!
So like, Havarkhad, Jezebel, and I totally made it to the lair of the ant-plant queen. Havarkhad totally distracted the minions so Jezebel and I could get to the queen. It was awesome! We totally took out the queen and stole one of her eggs and then took the venom back to the Boss. Then Jimmothy and I made an antidote for the Princess but we totally aren’t sure if it worked or not. It took some time, but we caught up to the rest of the party who had like scouted ahead for a safe place to stay. They are like totally convinced that we are going to get attacked by the country of Octavia who want their princess back. The group totally found this water castle/temple thing that they think we can fortify. There is totally a dead guy in it and I think it’s this wizard I heard about named Nostradamus the Shut In. They say that he shut himself away in this castle thing with a really powerful magic item, but I totally didn’t sense anything magical. I think the sorcerer is going to like try and get back to the boss to let him know we found a good place, but I’m not sure how well that will work since he like, can’t swim very well. Guess we’ll find out!
So like, we made it out of Octavia but they freaking shot us down! We ended up going down in the Pit and the airship was attacked by these plant/ant things. They totally tried to carry off Jimmothy and the Princess into the jungle forest! We totally got them back though. It was obvious that these creatures had never seen anything as cool as us because they were horribly distracted. One of them actually protected me and so I named him George and now he’s my friend! Once we got the Princess back into the airship we totally realized that she’d been infected with these mind control spore things. Now we have to go track down the Queen so we can get some of her venom spore things to make an antidote. George was so awesome, he started leading us back to his Queen but his bridge across the swamp got destroyed. We decided to cut down a tree to make a raft so we could row it across but halfway across we totally got attacked by the water! I freaking almost died! Thankfully Havarkhard saved me and we were able to get across the swamp. Now we just have to make it all the way to the Queen, get her venom and then get back to the airship. We can totally do this :D

So today was like, totally amazing! We performed the play “The Death of King Smithy” and the crowd like totally loved us! We didn’t get to finish the play though because the princess totally fell on stage during the play and the Boss said we needed to leave in a hurry. When we were trying to leave, the people totally shot flaming arrows at us! We had to run around trying to put out the flames before the airship caught on fire. Good thing we’re all so amazing! As soon as we got the fire under control, there was totally a battle on the top deck where some of the guards managed to jump on board trying to take back the princess. We totally kicked their asses! Unfortunately, our airship ended up going down anyway so now we’re like, totally stranded in this crazy wilderness where everything is different. That’s okay though because we’re so awesome, we’ll destroy anything that tries to take us down!


Like, totally

Tiffany's Log

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