Buckham Elderwine


Buckham Elderwine grew up in a rather ordinary halfling burg full of friendly, parochial farmers and tradesmen. Manifesting as a sorcerer early in life, he knew that he was destined for something greater than rural life, and he made a point of grooming his appearance and manner to match his future importance. Sadly, thus far it seems he was mistaken. His pride and charisma garnered him a certain degree of local influence at a surprisingly young age; had he any wits to match his charm, he would have lived his life comfortably as a well-to-do local merchant. Unfortunately, a series of well-phrased but functionally awful suggestions offered at the town hall and a badly-planned tryst with the Thane’s married niece brought the locals within a toe-hair’s breadth of lynching Buckham. Barely an adult by halfling standards, he fled the town with little more to his name than an expensive but ill-fitting suit of clothes and a mule he’d freshly lost in a for-keeps game of darts.

Adrift, Buckham plied the only trades he knew suitable to his talents: hucksterism and grift. After some time hawking defective magical artifacts and some failed efforts to ingratiate himself with landed folk, he settled on oracular divination as a specialty. He grew adroit at offering evocative, but subtly meaningless interpretations of cards, tea leaves, palm wrinkles, birth dates, star patterns, lay lines, and ear hair. Played up with his studied magnetism and occasional bursts of real magical thunder and fire, he earned a comfortable enough living as a fortune-teller, so long as he never stayed anywhere long enough for reality to prove his divinations false.

Most recently, he attached himself to the Thieves’ Assembly with the rest of the crew, a place where his particular talents coincided with a healthily brisk travel itenerary.

Buckham Elderwine

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