Caoimhe Silvan is a dwarven druid from the Forest of Denai who uses her primal swarm to shift into a flock of poisonous blue monarch butterflies.




Years ago in a land far to the south of the kingdom of Octavia, Caoimhe Silvan was born to a family of dwarves, the Silvans. Silvan means “from the forest.” They are named for the deity they worship, Silvanus, wild nature and true neutral deity. The Silvans are famous for their knowledge of druid rites and primal swarm abilities. They were known as great sources of wild power and strength, with just one family to compete with: the Matkatza family. The Matkatzas are Razerclaw Shifters who worship the dark power of Tharizdun. They have perfected the primal predator aspect. The two families often competed for areas of the forest, constantly trying to gain more influence over the lesser inhabitants of the forest.

Caoimhe is the only child of the Silvan matriarch, Tanith Silvan. She was groomed from the beginning to take her mother’s place as the head of the family. On a Silvan female’s 20th birthday is traditional for her to go on a quest outside of the forest to establish herself as an adult. Caoimhe left the Forest of Denai at the same time as Siobhan Matkatza, the heir of rival clan Matkatza, left on her own quest. Caoimhe and Siobhan were both the future of their clan and each had a lot of pressure to come back with both wealth and knowledge.

On her way northward though the badlands, Caoimhe met the infamous Effervescent Twins. They convinced her to use her swarm shifting ability to aid a troupe of thieves disguised as entertainers. At first Caoimhe was unsure, but she needed money and she believed she could learn many new skills from the troupe. She began slowly, only performing a small part in the play and crime, getting used to using her ability to befuddle enemies and entertain marks.


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