Prestige Points

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Name Prestige Points Experience Points Level
Ea 0 329 1
Samwise 0 315 1
Pipin 0 468 1
Caoimhe 2 468 1
Buckham 3 2664 3
Tiffany 8 1835 2
Havarkhad 2 2891 3
Jezebel 9 2654 3
Adoy 2 391 1
Tweech 0 203 1
Giblet 0 1152 1
Zara 0 415 1
Auhg 1 1689 2

I am also keeping track in a separate GM only page, so don’t cheat and give yourself extra points! The boss would be displeased.

Earn Prestige Points

+1 for creating a good bio
+1 for writing in your log (once per session)
+1 for filling out or creating a page on the wiki, or some other creative contribution (once per session)

Missed Session:

You may write in your log about what your character was doing during the missed session and you can still earn a prestige point, and you will also get half experience. You can read the other logs to figure out what happened during the session you missed or you can get ahold of me.

Use Prestige Points:

1: Take a natural 20 or force the DM to take a natural 1
4: Get a non-wondrous magic item of your level or lower (We will work it into the story)
5: Get a wondrous magic item of your level or lower
6: Get a bonus feat, as long as you meet the requirements
8: Get a boon, grandmaster training or something else special
10: Get an artifact or something else special

  • Once you get 10 you can’t earn anymore until you buy something

Drama Dice:

Drama die are awarded by the DM during play for participating in a vignette, making an awesome in character joke, keeping track of the initiative or whatever else the DM feels like. Drama die are d6’s and may be added to any of your rolls that you wish. If there is another player that can hear or see you, you may give them your drama die in the form of ‘encouragement’. Also, you may roll them against the DM to subtract from any of his/her rolls.

Prestige Points

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