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Thick as Thieves is on hiatus due to the DM moving to California.

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Adventure Logs

The Boss’s Log
Havarkhad’s Log
Jezebel’s Log
Buckham Elderwine’s Log
Tiffany’s Log
Caoimhe’s Log
Pipin’s Log
Samwise’s Log
Adoy’s Log
Tweech’s Log
Augh’s Log
Giblet’s Log


“Is there a skill you have to maybe get things cheaper?” – Giblet
“… I’m a thief.” – Jezebel

“Whirlwind for me. Whirlwind!” – Buckham

“I am the lizard queen!” – Jezebel

“Augh enjoys your stench” – Augh

“Augh feels the wrath of puppies and spends a healing surge” – Buckham

“What a whore, showing so much tusk” – Veracity

“Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a big fucking tooth” – Buckham

“That’s a kitty but it will do” – Giblet

“I’m going to assume you guys have a level 5 liquor cabinet” – DM

“Also, dibs on the liver” – Havarkhad

“Would it be terribly harmful to him if I fed him his dice?” – Buckham, to Augh, referring to Havarkhad

“Yes, Havarkhad, you will get laid if you do someone’s dishes” – Augh

“At the end of my next turn I fall down and turn into a meatsack” – Buckham
“I walk into the word ‘meatsack’….” – Augh, returning from the bathroom

“I’m going to spend my daily to save your shitty ass, again!” – Buckham
“You put your shit on my shit!” – John
“DM, stop putting your shit on other peoples shit, you shit.” – Havarkhad
“Stop saying shit!” – DM

“Augh does not dance.” – Augh

“Shut up! It’s all I could come up with in ten fuckin’ seconds! I’m Deckard fucking Cain!” – Buckham

“You go to sleep, I will be back in a little while….” – Havarkhad

“I think I will use restoring strike on said skeletal horse.” – Giblet

“Channel your inner Xena!” – Auhg

“Well, this sucks balls.” – Buckham

AAAAAAUHG!” – Auhg, as he/she jumps into a monster filled pit

“You freakin’ min/maxing pussy! Tell me what you traded in your ability to wink for you sissy.” – Buckham

“Are ANY of you trained in heal?” – DM
(short pause as everyone either shrugs their shoulders or shakes their head)
“HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!” – DM

“….Commence the jiggling!” – Buckham

“The crystals be through this hole” – Buckham

“Karma will catch up with you” – Giblet
“I’m an orphan, karma doesn’t apply.” – Jezebel

“Buckham, we are going to get you laid” – Jezebel, Buckham then loudly does a facepalm

“Do you know what shit looks like coming out of a ghost?” – John

“That’s right up there with ‘tee hee hee, penis!’” – Augh

“Pizza will never taste as good as pussy” – John

“You’re the one who came up with the magic cock ring idea! My magic is fire and lightning, how did you expect me to make that work?! Those are two things you don’t want near your cock!” – Buckahm

“Man, if that’s a woman, I know exactly how she feels” – Jezebel

“These tits are just aesthetic” – Jezebel

“Is it oral sex if you are completely engulfed by the monster?” – Buckham
“I think that is digestion.” – Jezebel
“It gets kind of fuzzy, it all involves digestion.” – Buckham

“Actually you are just the right height to….” – Zara
“….be smothered in the back fat of extasy!” – Auhg

“Sounds like a lot of syllables for bullshit!” – Auhg

“Where is the giant mouth monster!? That thing is just the right height” – Buckham

“I am not a pokemon! Where is the pubic lice?!” – Auhg, when we tried to give her a pokemon figurine to use as her token on the board. She would rather be the one that looked like pubic lice….

“Cock!” – Zara, after rolling poorly for initiative
“It’s not the biggest thing ever.” – Buckham
“Ah ha! I made a double entendre I didn’t mean to!” – Buckham

“Bruce Willis is to classy for the bush.” – John

“So it’s like a vibrating bombachu?” – Giblet

“You kill them all in their sleep and take their stuff!…. How much time do I have left?” – Adoy
“40 seconds” – DM
“AW FUCK!” – Adoy
“Fuck that shit! I’m going to fillet them all in their sleep! I don’t need them! There you go. Anger. FUCK!” – Adoy, as the personification of Havarkhads emotion of anger

“Tiffany’s wishing she could marry prince valium right about now!” – Adoy

“Damn that big fat black-ass snake!” – Havarkhad

“The pubic hair on his chin is coming in nicely.” – Adoy (reffering to Havarkhad)
“What kind of pubic hair are you used to seeing, my arm hair is thicker than that!” – Buckham

“Do I get a dildo?” – Adoy
“No, you do not get a dildo.” – DM
“Dang! I just thought someone in the party could use it….” – Adoy
“….Havarkhad, what?” – Tiffany

“What campaign was that?” – Buckham
“The memory loss one.” – DM
“Oh yeah!” – Buckham

“We’re brothers, we say things in tandem dude” – Samwise

“I’ll call him Jimothy, that’s a good strong slave name right?” – Jezebel
“His parents couldn’t decide between Jim and Timothy.” – Tiffany
“He is my pom-pom repair man, that’s what I decided.” – Tiffany

“Keep your shirt on…. I SAID KEEP YOUR FUCKIN’ SHIRT ON!” – The DM to Havarkhad, after he began to actually take his shirt off

“I roll a 12 to tell them they are gay” – Samwise

“I must say, I never thought I would administer healing moss rectally” – Adoy
“You know you can just make him eat it, right?” – Tweech
“I think rectal moss or oral moss would be a good band name” – Samwise

“If I can hurt if enough, can I take it home with me?” – Jezebel

“I’m to sexy for my chainmail” – Havarkhad while stripping

“Don’t touch my stuff!” – Tweech, as he delivers the final blow to a dragon

“And we will call it van…. DOWN BY THE RIVER!” Buckham, referring to the campsite

“It’s gotta be better than the reading rainbow bridge we are building over here” – Buckham