Memory Cube

A quick means of recording memories.


Weight: 1Lbs.
Cost: 100 gp.


Memory Cubes are small cubes that measure 4 inches on a side, and usually have etchings that help the user remember what’s on each. They come in a number of colors.

Memory Cubes are popular with psionics as a fast, easy means of recording a days events. How they work is known only to a few, and they guard the secrets of Memory Cubes with their very lives. The user need only touch the cube to his or her forehead and concentrate on what he or she wishes to put on the cube. Later should the user to review the memory, they need only touch it to their forehead again, and will the cube to show them. Those that study Psionic powers are able to call the information from the cube with only a thought due to their training, but others can do so as well by force of will, or by they help of a Psionic.

Memory Cubes can only hold a few days worth of memories, because of this (Not to mention their size and weight) it is impractical to carry more then a few at a time, and due to the difficulty in finding them, most inscribe only the most important knowledge.

Memory Cube

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